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The goal of the AMIQ Education Program is to promote the field of pre-silicon hardware verification among universities and students, to foster collaboration between academia and industry, and to help students with career-related decisions.

The AMIQ Education Program is primarily focused on Romanian technical universities in the fields of electronics, automation and computer science (e.g. the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology at Politehnica University of Bucharest; and the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science at Politehnica University of Timișoara).

The AMIQ Education Program is also open to collaborations with foreign universities.

Pre-Silicon Hardware Verification Courses

Short, hands-on courses are very appealing to students looking to gain first-hand experience in the field of pre-silicon hardware verification. This is what drives us to deliver intensive, hands-on courses (e.g. summer courses, workshops) in this field. An intensive course usually lasts for 40 hours, spread over one or two weeks during the summer. It covers the basics of pre-silicon hardware verification (i.e. from job description to verification closure) and gives students a chance to try out the technologies involved for themselves. At the end of the course, students are awarded either a Certificate of Accomplishment or a Certificate of Participation depending on the degree of involvement and skills shown.

Pre-Silicon Hardware Verification Course Development

We are actively pursuing the inclusion of pre-silicon hardware verification courses in the curricula of Romanian universities.

The AMIQ Education Program provides support for lecturers in developing course materials and practical exercises, as well as the setting up of the necessary laboratory infrastructure.

AMIQ consultants review the lecture structure, contents and presentation, and propose practical exercises that best fit the course goals. On request, they can also do a first-time delivery of the lectures, especially when it comes to more “delicate” subjects like Constrained Random Generation and Verification Metrics. Our knowledge of the installation and configuration of specific tools speeds up laboratory setup and reduces the amount of work involved.

This form of collaboration blends academic and industry perspectives to produce high-quality, practice-oriented lectures and exercises.

Career Path Development

A student’s university years are not just about acquiring knowledge of new and interesting subjects. They are also about exploring job market opportunities.

AMIQ delivers career path workshops that give students an opportunity to clarify any “unknowns” they may have in relation to the job market in general, or pre-silicon hardware design and verification in particular. Career path workshops give students an opportunity to find out more about the job market, career path development, salaries and bonuses, as well as to discover and explore new areas depending on their interests.

We love initiative and we actively promote it by providing mentoring to students looking to enlarge their knowledge and experience by developing their own projects. These projects must be related to electronics, automation or computer science. AMIQ consultants help students to setup the required software/hardware infrastructure, do the project planning and follow through with the project development. The mentor and mentee stay in close contact, with periodic meetings to discuss progress and provide (non-)technical support. AMIQ will issue a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the project depending on mentee’s performance and project results.

Internship Program

The AMIQ Education Program offers an environment that helps recent university graduates launch their careers at AMIQ, enables them to grow, both personally and professionally, and gives them the chance to apply what they learned at university as part of exciting, cutting-edge projects.

Since its inception, AMIQ has provided internships to students interested in programming or pre-silicon hardware design and verification. We advertise our internship positions starting at the beginning of March and the selection process lasts until the end of June. The internships take place between July and September. Interns are involved in either internal or customer projects, depending on the knowledge and skills they possess. At the end of their internships, students are awarded either a Certificate of Accomplishment or a Certificate of Participation.

Graduate Thesis

Final year students (i.e. BSc or MSc) may also opt to produce their dissertation under AMIQ supervision. Dissertation subjects are agreed between coordinating lecturers and AMIQ. AMIQ consultants provide the required support and supervise activities in order to ensure high quality results are achieved within the given time constraints. The hardware and software infrastructure is provided by AMIQ.


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