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Recommended Articles – July 2020

Neil Johnson announced he will take a step back and pass the leadership of SVUnit project to Tudor Timisescu, aka Verification Gentleman. SVUnit is a consistent and valuable contribution to the verification community and I am happy it is not lost. That’s the OpenSource spirit at work! Welcome back Manish! After four years of silence, […]

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Recommended Articles – June 2020

SystemVerilog Multidimensional Arrays is a juicy topic for a blog post given they are feature reach. Here is a post that explains some of the features: SystemVerilog Multidimensional Arrays A long-awaited feature comes into existence: adjusting verification environment behavior based on collected coverage items in real time at run time. Specman team facilitates this operation […]

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Recommended Articles – May 2020

Regressions can be an important resource consumer. Daniel Ciupitu, from AMIQ Consulting, provides a recipe for optimizing the disk usage when running regressions: How To Optimize Disk Space When Running Regressions Elihai Maicas, from Intel, talks about RAL classes and how they affect performance. He offers a tip on how to deal with that. Read […]

Daniel Ciupitu

How To Optimize Disk Space When Running Regressions

Regressions can take a lot of space on the disk. If neglected, a single regression can occupy more than 100GB of space. When a project has multiple users that forget to clean up old regressions you can reach terabytes of useless data pretty fast. This article gives some hints on how to mitigate this issue. […]

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Recommended Articles – April 2020

Out of this DVCon presentation Tudor got inspired and extended the solution of adding constraints into their own objects. Take a look at his new UVM journey: Favor Composition Over Inheritance – Even for Constraints Elihai Maicas, from Intel, started a series of verification tips. Here is one of them on how to turn assertions […]

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Recommended Articles – March 2020

In the CNN using HLS post my colleague, Sergiu Duda, provides the long awaited code for the How to Implement a Convolutional Neural Network Using High Level Synthesis article. HLS using C synthesis has brought FPGA implementation of computational intensive tasks into mainstream. Hardware for Deep Learning: Know Your Options article proposes a new solution, […]