Stefan Birman

How To Protect FIFOs Against Overflow – Part 1

Systems containing FIFOs face verification engineers with a “classic” black-box verification problem: how to protect FIFOs against overflow in order to avoid unpredictable loss of packets. The difficulty in solving this problem comes from the lack of visibility into DUT’s internal states, which means the solution should count only on the events/packets driven/monitored on the […]

AMIQ Education Program

Digital Circuits Simulation and Verification Summer School

The 2018 Digital Circuits Simulation and Verification Summer School took place 9th-13th of July. There were 16 participants, a big step forward compared to previous editions. The course setup was similar with the 2017 one: 8 hours a day for 5 days, same place, same device under test, similar introduction into verification theory. Students used […]

Recommended Articles

Recommended Articles – June 2018

We present to you the SystemVerilog and VHDL Grammars in HTML format. The grammars represent the BNF (Backus-Naur Form) notation in an HTML format, with hyperlinks, anchors and tooltips. You can also download them from the GitHub repository. John Neil, from AgileSOC, continues his reflection on how verification engineers should think about their testbench code: […]

Recommended Articles

Recommended Articles – May 2018

Here is an interesting article discussing if any FPGA implementation contains an internal tri-state bus or not: FPGA internal tri-state buses I’m not a fan of long articles, but the subject of the following ones is of real interest for verification engineers. It is a transcript of a discussion between representatives of major EDA companies […]

AMIQ Consulting

SystemVerilog and VHDL Grammars in HTML format

We share with the verification community the SystemVerilog and VHDL language grammars in browsable HTML format. The HTML grammars are based on SystemVerilog LRM 2012 (IEEE Std 1800TM-2012) and VHDL LRM 2008 (IEEE Std 1076TM-2008). You can browse these online on their dedicated page Resource > Grammars. You can also download them for off-line use […]

Recommended Articles

Recommended Articles – April 2018

This month, Neil Johnson (AgileSOC) has challenged the verification community in an attempt to define a scope for the new Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS) and a place among the other existing verification techniques. He presents his view in a series of three articles. One of the articles presents each verification technique and its scope. In […]