Teo Vasilache

C++ Implementation of Functional Coverage for SystemC

We release Functional Coverage for SystemC (FC4SC) library which provides mechanisms for functional coverage definition, collection and reporting. FC4SC is a header-only, C++2011-based library, that can be integrated with C++ applications, including SystemC models. It’s primary use case is to measure the level of exercise of SystemC models, basically to measure how many of model’s […]

Recommended Articles

Recommended Articles – January 2018

Jason, from VerilogPro, dives into the details of generate constructs from verilog and how they can be used to build a configurable RTL: Verilog Generate, Configurable RTL Designs Horia has come with some alternative implementations for bitwise coverage in SystemVerilog. Here you can see his implementations: How To: Alternative ways to implement bitwise coverage Cadence […]

Horia-Răzvan Enescu

How To: Alternative Ways to Implement Bitwise Coverage

In a previous post, Stefan provided implementations for several bitwise coverage patterns. In this post I will show an alternative way of implementing a couple of them, avoiding the usage of loops to iterate through all bits. Walking 1 and Walking 0 Coverage covergroup walking1_cg with function sample(bit [WIDTH-1:0] x); walking1_cp: coverpoint ($clog2(x) iff ($onehot(x)) […]

Recommended Articles

Recommended Articles – December 2017

CFSVision continues the SystemC tutorial with an indepth explanation of the signal channels: Learning SystemC: Learning SystemC: #005 Signal Channels. PSS starts to be more and more present on verification blogs. Mike Bartley from T&VS and Sharon Rosenberg from Cadence co-edited Portable Stimulus Specification (PSS) and the Reuse Revolution. Giselquist Technologies presents how to build […]

Cristiana Stan

CoverageLens 2.0 Release

Coverage Lens (CL) is a C++ utility that checks if a specified set of RTL code coverage items (e.g. statement, condition etc.) is covered by querying an UCIS compliant coverage database. The main functionality is described in the How To Automate Code Coverage analysis with Coverage Lens article. CoverageLens 2.0 release includes support for functional […]

Recommended Articles

Recommended Articles – November 2017

TeamSpecman extends e-Language with annotations: Adding Annotations in Your e Code, which are similar to Java annotations. SemiEngineering shows how PSS helps one to reuse tests from IP-level to SoC-level. Horia from Amiq demonstrates how to avoid parameter creep in SystemVerilog by using packed struct. This comes as a continuation of Stefan’s previous article. Yoav […]