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Recommended Articles – April 2015

Reading a specification is a continuous process that anyone can learn. Stefan guides you through the steps of this process: AMIQ Blog: How to Read a Specification: You can draw a picture without lifting the pencil by using constraint random generation: VerificationGentleman: Fun and Games with CRV: Draw This Without Lifting Your Pencil Writing assertions […]

AMIQ Consulting

How to Verify SystemVerilog Assertions with SVAUnit

A version of this article, titled SystemVerilog Assertions Verification with SVAUnit, was presented at CDNLive EMEA 2015 by Andra Socianu and Ionut Ciocirlan. Intro SystemVerilog Assertions(SVA) play a central role in functional verification of protocols, encompassing feature checking and coverage. In order to benefit from assertion advantages (fast, synthesizeable, non-intrusive, coverable), we must verify they […]

Stefan Birman

How To Read a Specification

I consider that spec reading and comprehension is a critical part of the verification flow. All following stages in a verification project depend on this activity and that’s why every junior engineer who joins AMIQ goes first through a specification reading crash course. I present below a set of guidelines that AMIQ engineers follow. Enjoy! […]