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Recommended Articles – July 2016

Manish Singhal, from LearnUVMVerification, presents a list of advantages of using assertions and describes the arbitration mechanism of UVM Sequences. Keisuke Shimizu, from ClueLogic, shows how to dump transactions into a file using UVM do_record(). He also gives an overview of component overrides in UVM. A short and practical article from Bryan Murdock on streaming […]

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Recommended Articles – February 2016

Anders Nordstrom has written one of the best articles I’ve read about the effects of over-constraining properties in formal verification. The author describes what’s safe to do and what’s not safe to do when using formal methodologies: EDN: Anders Nordstrom: Don’t over-constrain in formal property verification (FPV) flows High speed serial communication protocols like Ethernet, […]

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Recommended Articles – November 2015

New entry on our list: Basic Electronics Tutorials From time to time, I need to refresh my electronics knowledge. One of my colleagues found Basic Electronics Tutorials website, which explains a lot of the electronics concepts in a simple, straightforward way. Yoav Hollander, inventor of the e-language, brings into discussion the concept of “Verification” not […]

Aurelian Ionel Munteanu

Einsten’s Five House Riddle – e-language Solution

A few weeks ago Sandeep Gor from DigitalVerification launched a challenge for the e-language speakers. The challenge requires solving Einstein’s five house riddle: Image Source Variations of this riddle appear on the internet from time to time. It is sometimes attributed to Albert Einstein and it is claimed that 98% of the people are incapable […]

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Recommended Articles – January 2015

High speed serial protocols transmit or receive data on a 2xN-wire bus that usually does not include the clock signal. Each device must recover the clock out of the incoming data traffic. Deepak Nagaria explains how clock recovery works: ArrowDevices: Beginners Guide To Clock Data Recovery There are RTL designs which make use of two […]

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Recommended Articles – November 2014

Tudor recommends us to take advantage of the e-language features to define similar vr_ad registers instead of using copy/paste: VerificationGentleman: Experimental Cures for Flattened Register Definitions in vr_ad Then he shows us how to implement side effects of read/write operations using vr_ad’s indirect_access() method: VerificationGentleman: Using indirect_access(…) in vr_ad The same Gentleman tutors us on […]