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Recommended Articles – November 2019

A while ago, the Specman team announced that you may now take advantage of Python in the e-language world. Lately, the same team has described one of the possible applications which makes use of this Python support. For example you can now analyze your coverage results using Python. Can you imagine another kind of application? […]

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Recommended Articles – September 2019

Did you ever had the need to programmatically dump the values of signals from a simulation? SystemVerilog offers such a dumping capability by means of system tasks. The signal values are dumped into a vcd (value change dump) file. The vcd files can later be read by a waveform viewer and examine signals’ behavior. Read […]

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Recommended Articles – August 2019

Dan Gisselquist presents some statistics on how much time various formal proofs have taken him to complete. He also gives some advice on what to look for when trying to keep your proof times short: Just how long does a formal proof take to finish?. In AMIQ Resources page you can find the contents of […]

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Recommended Articles – July 2019

When working with pointers, the pointer arithmetic is quite important. Colin Walls, from Mentor, wrote a nice, short article on why and when to store addresses in pointer variables and when to store them in a regular variable. Read more in here: Using an unsigned integer to store a pointer in C In AMIQ Resources […]

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Recommended Articles – May 2019

Cristian Bob posted a new article showing how to connect Python to e-language: How to Connect e-Language with Python. Dan Gisselquist has written an interesting tutorial regarding formal methods: SVA and FormalTools: An Introduction to Formal Methods. A long-awaited feature for e-language has now been released by the Specman Team: spawning multiple processes using loops. […]

Cristian Bob

How to Connect e-Language with Python

This post is an addition to the previous post How to connect SystemVerilog with Python. The principles of connecting e-Language with Python are similar to those presented in the aforementioned post. Table of contents Create the e-Language-to-C Interface Client Layer Code Changes Create the Top Modules How To Run the Example Create the e-Language-to-C Interface […]