Daniel Ciupitu

How To Optimize Disk Space When Running Regressions

Regressions can take a lot of space on the disk. If neglected, a single regression can occupy more than 100GB of space. When a project has multiple users that forget to clean up old regressions you can reach terabytes of useless data pretty fast. This article gives some hints on how to mitigate this issue. […]

Aurelian Ionel Munteanu

Save Time in Pre-Silicon Functional Verification Using Regression Automation Scripts

We do pre-silicon verification in multiple iterations, each iteration including at least a regression. Regressions consume a great deal of HW resources (e.g. CPU time) and SW resources (e.g. licenses) and… a lot of human effort. This is what usually happens when we run a regression: we aim to reduce the time spent in regression […]

Stefan Birman

Meet AMIQ Consulting Panelists at CDNLive Munich

We are participating at CDNLive Munich on May 19-21, 2014. Two of our consultants will be presenting in the Canvas Conversations section, on May 20, 2014 at 12:00pm. Aurelian Munteanu will talk about how to use regression automation in order to speed-up regression analysis in “Be Fast, Stay Informed!” and Daniel Ciupitu, about how to […]