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SVAUnit 3.2 Release is Available

AMIQ is pleased to announce version 3.2 of the SVAUnit framework! Highlights of SVAUnit 3.2 are: Added an SVAUnit User Guide with complete examples Added setup_test() task Updated checks API Fixed check evaluation timing to be more accurate Fixed printed messages Support for HTML regression report Fixed assertion registration issue Let’s go through the details […]

Teo Vasilache

YAMM 2.0 Release is Available

Amiq is pleased to announce the release of the YAMM 2.0! The highlight of this release is a C++ implementation that provides the same API as the SystemVerilog one. Download Integrate YAMM with your C++ project Performance SystemVerilog Updates Roadmap Download You can download the YAMM library from GitHub. For getting up to speed you […]

Andrei Vintilă

YAMM – Yet Another Memory Manager

Ionut Tolea and Andrei Vintila presented the paper Yet Another Memory Manager (YAMM) at SNUG Conference 2016 – Munich. The code of YAMM library is released to the public using AMIQ’s GitHub repository. YAMM Overview Basic Concepts Usage examples Initialization Buffer insertion, buffer allocation and buffer type Buffer search and buffer deallocation Buffer content operations […]

Stefan Birman

How To Graphically Represent DUT’s Data Flows

In this post I will explain how to analyse the DUT’s data flows and represent them graphically in an intuitive way. I use data flow analysis to create meaningful diagrams to be included in the verification specifications(e.g. see How To Read a Specification, section Read the spec with a meaningful goal). You won’t need more […]

Recommended Articles

Recommended Articles – June 2015

For this June we have selected two articles: An interesting discussion on the challenges of existing verification methodologies relative to the System Level verification requirements: Wrong Verification Revolution Offered. In case you wonder how to handle SystemVerilog coverage groups extensions here it is a good link: Some Ideas on Coverage Extendability. That’s all for June.

AMIQ Consulting

SVAUnit 2.0 Release is Available

AMIQ is pleased to announce version 2.0 of the SVAUnit framework! Highlights of SVAUnit 2.0 release are: Support for sequence based scenarios Upgraded test setup API Support for complex topologies VPI-related API accessible through a wrapper class pre_test() task is now deprecated UVM compliance reinforced using the Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter SNUG-2015 paper included Let’s go […]