Mihai-Corneliu Cristescu

Machine Learning Techniques for Improving the Performance Metrics of Functional Verification

This article is a summary of the paper “Machine Learning Techniques for Improving the Performance Metrics of Functional Verification” that was published in the 24th volume of the Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology. What is Intelligent Verification One of today’s most sought-after results in functional verification is to efficiently reduce the engineering effort […]

AMIQ Education Program

Digital Circuits Simulation and Verification Summer School

The 2018 Digital Circuits Simulation and Verification Summer School took place 9th-13th of July. There were 16 participants, a big step forward compared to previous editions. The course setup was similar with the 2017 one: 8 hours a day for 5 days, same place, same device under test, similar introduction into verification theory. Students used […]

Stefan Birman

How To Customize UVM Sequencer’s Arbitration Policy

This post shows how you can implement a custom sequencer arbitration policy in UVM. The example considers a sequence that contains a field called seq_type: typedef enum {MASTER_SEQ, REQ_SEQ, CNFRM_SEQ, ACK_SEQ, REDO_SEQ, DATA_SEQ } ex_seq_type_t; class ex_base_sequence extends uvm_sequence#(ex_sequence_item); ex_seq_type_t seq_type; // this field is used by the arbitration scheme …….. endclass The arbitration policy […]

AMIQ Education Program

Amiq Education Program Updates Summer 2017

I just came back from vacation and my fingers are restless, urging me to share with you some of the Amiq Education Program’s latest activities. First Generation of Students to Graduate under the Guidance of the AMIQ Education Program It’s celebration time: three students mentored under the AMIQ Education Program graduated at the beginning of […]

Stefan Birman

Highlights of DVCon US 2017

DVCon US (Feb 27-Mar 2 2017, San Jose, California) has come to an end after another content-rich edition. Some of the highlights of the technical program AMIQ consultants enjoyed attending are provided below. Hot Topics The main highlight of the conference by far was the emerging Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS), which was presented through a […]

AMIQ Consulting

SVAUnit 3.2 Release is Available

AMIQ is pleased to announce version 3.2 of the SVAUnit framework! Highlights of SVAUnit 3.2 are: Added an SVAUnit User Guide with complete examples Added setup_test() task Updated checks API Fixed check evaluation timing to be more accurate Fixed printed messages Support for HTML regression report Fixed assertion registration issue Let’s go through the details […]