Recommended Articles – November 2015

Recommended Articles

New entry on our list: Basic Electronics Tutorials
From time to time, I need to refresh my electronics knowledge. One of my colleagues found Basic Electronics Tutorials website, which explains a lot of the electronics concepts in a simple, straightforward way.

Yoav Hollander, inventor of the e-language, brings into discussion the concept of “Verification” not only as ASIC/FPGA Hardware Verification, but as Verification in various other industries like military, servers, plants, urban, etc. He calls it Universal Verification Framework. It might look like a crazy idea but in ancient times flying machines were also seen as a crazy idea. You can follow his ideas on his blog called Foretellix:
Foretellix: Is a Universal Verification Framework possible?

The Verification Gentleman is once again on our list with 2 new articles. One about generating various combinations of burst sizes and burst combinations. And another about finding the best way to handle burst accesses to multiple registers.
VerificationGentleman:How Do I Transfer Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
VerificationGentleman: Accessing Multiple Registers at Once

Playing with e-language to solve interesting problems is always fun. Here is one such example:
AMIQ Blog: Einsten’s Five House Riddle – e-language Solution

AMIQ sponsored, contributed and attended this year’s edition of DVCon Europe. Stefan Birman presents some of the highlights:
AMIQ Blog: DVCon Europe 2015 Highlights



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