Recommended Articles – September 2014

Recommended Articles

SystemVerilog does not support multiple class inheritance, but there are ways to emulate it. Tudor Timisescu shows one way:
VerificationGentleman: Fake It ’til You Make It – Emulating Multiple Inheritance in SystemVerilog

Is your verification environment using multi-language verification components? Do you need to synchronize the end of test objections? Cadence illustrates how to sync the objection mechanism between verification components written in SystemVerilog and e-language:
Cadence: Objection Mechanism Synchronization Between SystemVerilog and e Active Verification Components

If you need backdoor UVM register access in SystemVerilog, this article is a good reference:
ClueLogic: UVM Tutorial for Candy Lovers – 24. Register Access through the Back Door

Ignoring bins from a cross coverage can be a tedious work if you don’t know about some 2012 SystemVerilog constructs. Aurelian illustrates these constructs with some examples:
AMIQ Consulting Blog: How to Ignore Cross Coverage Bins Using Expressions in SystemVerilog



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