Recommended Articles – August 2014

Recommended Articles

A library for upgrading SystemVerilog’s capabilities. It handles file, string manipulation routines and more:
Verilab: Library code – svlib
Verilab: System Verilog, Batteries included

A library for enhancing SystemVerilog types and their pseudo-methods:
ClueLogic: CluLib Online Documentation
ClueLogic: ClueLib code
ClueLogic: Sharing Generic Class Libraries in SystemVerilog Makes Coding Fun Again

Article describing how to handle SV-VIP coverage customization, which also triggers the question: does SystemVerilog really cover verification needs?
VerificationHorizon: Increasing Verification Productivity Through Functional Coverage Management Automation

Learn what you should do and what you should NOT when implementing coverage in SystemVerilog:
VerificationHorizon: Functional Coverage Development Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

SystemVerilog goes online! You can now compile and run simulations in a web browser (log in with a google/facebook account):
EDA Playground: UVM example
EDA Playground: Home Page

Learn how to use ‘interface class’ construct, introduced in IEEE 1800-2012 standard. The author suggests that UVM library itself may benefit:
VerificationGentleman: SystemVerilog 2012 Has Even More ‘Class’

Did you wonder why sometimes your e-code gets blocked in a ‘sync’ statement? Maya Bar explains shortly such a scenario:
Cadence: sync and wait Actions vs. Temporal Struct and Unit Members

Did you ever want to change the default behaviour of your simulator with respect to `uvm_error? Stop now, on first `uvm_error. AMIQ compiled a how to guide:
AMIQ Consulting Blog: How to Stop the Simulation on `uvm_error

In AMIQ Resources page you can find the contents of AMIQ’s bookshelf, papers, grammar, cheatsheets, recommended articles, and the list of blogs we periodically scan for recommended articles.



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