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Recommended Articles – February 2016

Anders Nordstrom has written one of the best articles I’ve read about the effects of over-constraining properties in formal verification. The author describes what’s safe to do and what’s not safe to do when using formal methodologies: EDN: Anders Nordstrom: Don’t over-constrain in formal property verification (FPV) flows High speed serial communication protocols like Ethernet, […]

Stefan Birman

How to Check Out-Of-Order Transactions

This article presents a general solution to the classic problem of checking out-of-order transactions. The main goal is to present the solution as a verification pattern that can be easily grasped and adapted to your verification project requirements (e.g. verification language, reference implementation language, design under test – DUT specifics etc.). The article’s sections are: […]

Mihai Stoian

Physical Coding Library

AMIQ released the Physical Coding Library on GitHub. The Physical Coding Library provides SystemVerilog/UVM implementations of line coding schemes that are common to all major high speed communication protocols: Ethernet, RapidIO, DisplayPort, SATA, USB3.0, PCI Express etc. These are the supported line coding schemes: 8b/10b encoding 64b/66b encoding additive scrambling with parameterizable LFSR multiplicative scrambling […]

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Recommended Articles – March 2015

The Spring is here! We offer you a nice, hand-picked, bouquet of articles. Sean Eron Anderson saves us from the marsh of bitwise operations. He compiled a list of techniques, algorithms, operations, functions that one could do to pull oneself up: Standford: Bit Twiddling Hacks The Gentleman presents his view on the good, ol’ topic […]

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Recommended Articles – January 2015

High speed serial protocols transmit or receive data on a 2xN-wire bus that usually does not include the clock signal. Each device must recover the clock out of the incoming data traffic. Deepak Nagaria explains how clock recovery works: ArrowDevices: Beginners Guide To Clock Data Recovery There are RTL designs which make use of two […]