Teo Vasilache

YAMM 2.0 Release is Available

Amiq is pleased to announce the release of the YAMM 2.0! The highlight of this release is a C++ implementation that provides the same API as the SystemVerilog one. Download Integrate YAMM with your C++ project Performance SystemVerilog Updates Roadmap Download You can download the YAMM library from GitHub. For getting up to speed you […]

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Recommended Articles – December 2015

One or more classes with the same name in different packages may lead to ambiguous log messages. Verification Gentleman found a way to avoid confusion. VerificationGentleman: Packages, Class Names and UVM AMIQ continues it’s series of frameworks development and contributions to the verification community. This time a register model framework was developed mainly for the […]

Vlad Mocanu, Tiberiu Petre

C++ Register Modeling Framework

Some time ago we developed a lightweight register modeling framework, amiq_rm, similar with the uvm_reg and vr_ad libraries. We implemented amiq_rm in C++ such that we could seamlessly integrate it with both SystemC and C++-based projects. Here are the main features of amiq_rm: Simple and intuitive API (HTML documentation included) You can group registers into […]